Ya See that Big Branch in the Backyard?……

Terence arrives home from school the other evening and asks,

“Did you see that big branch out there in the backyard????”

To which I respond. “Yeah.”

To which he replies, “Ya know ya gotta get that thing out of there!”


I guess that’s my queue to run outside and drag this limb into the woods. It really is great having sons around to help you with the chores that go with home ownership. Especially when you’re getting older. Check out the size of this thing.

Tree branch in the backyard.
Tree branch in the backyard.

Like I’m going to be able to drag this thing into the woods.

Yes friends of Middle Earth it ain’t easy.

Had another away football game this Saturday so I don’t have much to talk about this weekend. I did get my electrical inspection done though and all is well for energizing the electrical panel. The electric company is scheduled to come out Monday to get power into the house. I’m really looking forward to that.

I finally took a short walk into Central Park the other day and took a picture of the job. Check it out.

220 Central Park South from Central park.
220 Central Park South from Central park.

I think that’s the 62nd floor we were working on. Nine to go.

Enjoy your week!



2 thoughts on “Ya See that Big Branch in the Backyard?……”

  1. Great picture! On the football front, 2 extremes the past 2 weekends – Livingston Manor, then Yonkers, if I read the scores correctly.

    • Hey Mike! Yonkers was a disaster. Pawling was ahead 28-0 at the end of the first quarter. Not much of a game. Nice day though. Livingston Manor was a brutal day for being a fan. Cold, wind, and rain. I hope all is well with you and yours!


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