Of Window Framing and the Tale of a Short Order Cook

We meet again free folk of Middle Earth and welcome to another installment of the Hobbit Hollow Construction Blog! It’s been a busy week and with the NFL playoffs going on this weekend time is limited. So let’s get to it shall we?

Just a few things before I get going though.

Was thinking of the Dwarves the other day. Hey, okay that’s just me. You know, great miners and craftsman of the mountain halls. Whose work with metal and stone was sought after by both Men and Elves alike. I could use a good Dwarf craftsman right about now. I think if I get the stone right over at the house it could really have a huge impact on the finished product. Like I said before, my excavator friend Steve did a hell of a job with the stone he placed around the hobbit house. He must have a bit of Dwarfish blood in him. I definitely did not see things the way he did. That’s for sure.

For all of you Lord of the Rings fans out there. The story of the Dwarves is very interesting as explained in JRR Tolkien’s, “The Silmarillion”. The rise and fall of a people and what they left behind after their demise is sad. The great Dwarf city of Khazad-dum. “And they they call it a mine, a mine!” Hmmm. I know I lost a few of you on that one. Sorry.

Actually a particular scene from “the Fellowship of the Ring” was inspirational in the building of my original Hobbit Shed. When the Fellowship finds the tomb of Balin in the underground halls of Moria. There is a shaft of light that shines on Balin’s tomb. Very cool. The thought that they would carve a skylight through the rock in the mountain so that light would highlight this tomb was an awesome idea. Hence the skylight I put into my hobbit shed. Okay so I didn’t carve it through 300 feet of rock but it still has a nice effect.

Okay Jim, you said we were going to get right to it right? Right.

The only problem is I have one other issue I have to take care of before we get started.

….and if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you may have an idea where this may be going. Yeah, that’s right. That thorn in my side of a Mother in law is bugging me about getting on the payroll. Not even for helping me out. But for helping to feed those two sons of mine who have been working over at the house the passed week. ( They stop over and have lunch with her.)The boys bring their lunch anyway. She tells them to open a can of mushroom soup and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and that merits going on the payroll as the company chef???? Geez!….and she’s getting my wife involved as well. I get home the other day and the Editor says “We have to talk about my Mother”. I’m thinking to myself something to the effect like, and this is the bubble over my head mind you, “You mean talk about cemeteries?”Of course the Editor is totally on her Mother’s side. It’s not easy being me people. What to do? I’m thinking of taking her on an extended  fishing trip over to the pond  at the house. Hmmmm. Got to come up with some lame excuse to get her over there now. That won’t be easy. I’m pretty creative though…… The saga continues.

Back to Hobbit Hollow…..

So Ethan and Jude were over at the house this week working away. Ethan got most of the rough wiring done. I’m going to need a little time over there with them to finish some of the minor details. Overall things are really shaping up.

Jude, on the other hand, got  the window framing in motion. Which was a huge plus.

The boys work has really helped my morale. Things are looking good. Check it out.

Front window and door famed.
Front window and door famed.
bedroom window framing.
bedroom window framing.

Ethan pictured.

Ethan wiring an outlet box.
Ethan wiring an outlet box.
Switch box prepped.
Switch box prepped.

Apologies for the lack pictures this week, we went to see the Broadway play, “Jersey Boys” Saturday afternoon. It was really good. Interesting story of Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons. If you like that music you’ll enjoy the show.

One other thing of note. Went in a Super Bowl pool with family. Of course my Mother in Law didn’t have her share. She “left her pocket book at home.” Yeah right……

See you next week!




6 thoughts on “Of Window Framing and the Tale of a Short Order Cook”

  1. son-in-law!do I detect a little jealuosy here? I feed my boys home made soup no canned soup for them,they eat like kings here,to bad you couldn’t be here for lunch there would be NO SOUP NO FOR YOU.By the way who was that eating the home made pizza while watching football,you seem to be doing a good job.Maybe I should make a pot of gravy and meatballs for you ha ha. love ya. mother-in-law

    • Yeah, the homemade pizza was good. I’ll give you that. Especially the Margarita pizza. Very nice. Well, hopefully one of us is going to win that super bowl pool. At least it will make watching the game a bit more exciting.

      Talk to you later,


      PS: You ever go trout fishing?

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