A Quick Mother’s Day Update….Where’s the Chocolate?

Welcome again, I’m glad you made it back! Hi Mom and Happy Mother’s day to all who have brought a child into the world! For those of you who don’t dwell in the U S of A, this Sunday  is Mother’s Day. I hope everyone out there has a wonderful day.

Okay, so this editor is starting to get on my nerves people. Just a little background. Last weekend I went and picked up lunch. I asked everybody  to put in an order and then I went to the deli to pick it all up. Usually some sort of refreshing drink is ordered, as well. So in addition to the orders I was given, I picked up a small bag of Lays regular potato chips. Nothing on them. You know, this way everyone can enjoy them. It’s kind of like getting vanilla ice cream for the family. It might not be everyone’s favorite but everyone can deal with it. Enough said.

Wow! Did I hear it from the editor when I got back! Holy mackerel. (Oh yeah, and I’m trying to lose weight for the Hobbit Hollow swimsuit issue so I didn’t want to get a monster size bag of chips.) The complaints ranged from bag size, to type of chip, (What no Ruffles!?!?) to flavor, ( Ya didn’t get fhe jalapenos???) And then…. no chocolate???? Your father always used to get a little chocolate to finish off the lunch meal. (How the heck did that get thrown in there?) I’ve been abused by guys at work before but this was relentless. Geez!

So this weekend I sent the editor to pick up lunch. Kicking and screaming I might add. (What? My adoring public can’t see me dressed like this!!!!) Well she had to pick Terence up from a fishing excursion so she couldn’t argue too much about a quick stop at the deli. So off she went. Anyway, yeah she got the sandwiches and all but check out what she got on the side.

This little bag of chips is what she got. You've got to  be kidding me right?
This little bag of chips is what she got. You’ve got to be kidding me right?

I mean you’ve got to be kidding me. Oh yeah, the crew is really gonna scarf those things down. And whose ever heard of that brand or that flavor? And what about the chocolate she raved about last week? She brought back nothing! Huh, chocolate? We don’t need no stinkin’ chocolate! Geesh. A lot changes in one week!

Boy, do I love that editor….and what a great mother. If these children only knew.

Hobbit house…..the saga continues.

I’ve come to the realization that the ceiling details are going to take a bit longer than expected. That’s okay though. This is one of those times where you don’t want to rush it. We only have one shot to get this right and once it’s cast in concrete it’s basically forever. So the devil is in the details and the detailing. I spent a couple of nights this week after dinner going over my ceiling drawings. Revising them and making sure I liked the patterns I wanted in each individual room. You really do need a plan or everybody is going to be sitting there watching you lay out the details all day long. The possibilities are endless so you can’t really do it on the fly.

I’m waiting for my son Terence in the truck to take him somewhere late Saturday afternoon and I spy Durin’s key from the Hobbit. I’m not sure if it’s Durin’s key but it’s the key that Gandalf gave to Thorin so he could open the secret entrance into the mountain halls of Erebor. It was a Chritmas gift we got at Barnes and Noble bookseller so I hung it up on the rearview mirror of the truck. I had forgotten that I had wanted to do some Dwarfish writing in the house somewhere and I think with a little extra effort we might be able come up with something interesting. I’m no linguist but if anybody is good with Dwarf ruins and could put together a good phrase that would be pretty awesome. It’s gotta be something Tolkienesque though….Hmmm. This could prove interesting. Like I said before we only have one shot at getting this right. I just remembered, too that this lettering is going to have to be a mirror image because it’s an imprint…. Degree of difficulty is climbing.

That will have to be a separate post.


It’s 5;30 am on Mother’s Day and I have a lot of things to do so I’ll just post a couple of pictures of what we accomplished this weekend. Here’s the editor and Jude taking care of the ceiling details in the master bathroom.

The editor and Jude installing the master bath details.
The editor and Jude installing the master bath details.

Just so you know the plan. What I, and an old electrician friend of mine, came up with is a way to install recessed lighting in the ceilings. So the larger diamonds you see there are actually going to be the locations of the lighting for that room. So I set up the ceiling details to incorporate the lighting…. Whoa. That just gave me an idea. I could probably have one of the crew start wiring and installing these things next weekend. That’s a good job for someone. You’ll get the picture a bit better next time. Here’s the finished ceiling details in the bath.


Master bath ceiling details.
Master bath ceiling details.

I separated the shower from the rest of the bath with a double piece of skew back. I kind of wanted to have two separate designs here. The ceiling height here is 11 feet so I thought that would look cool.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you last week. The crew is getting restless. Ever since the editor started working on the house there’s always some sort of issue. Now they want music. So I had to go out and buy one of those construction site boom boxes. I picked up the Milwaukee. It’s pretty good. You can hook your I-Pod up to it and it stays in a sealed box inside the boom box. This way saw dust doesn’t mess it up. A good idea, I must say. It cranks pretty loud too. Check it out.

Milwaukee Boom Box.
Milwaukee Boom Box.

I resisted this idea at first but there is definitely something to hearing Back in Black by AC/DC on a construction site. It just feels right.

Just a few more pictures.

Here’s the beginnings of the second bedroom details.

Second bedroom details got started.
Second bedroom details got started.

We also finished up the balance of the skylight details. Check it out.

Living room skylight
Living room skylight

Not 100% sure of this yet. I might add a couple of things.

Hall skylight by the mechanical room.
Hall skylight by the mechanical room.

I wanted to keep this one simple. Just to see how it comes out.

Like I said before I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day and enjoy the upcoming week!

Take care! (And I’ll pick up a Hershey bar with almonds for the crew next lunchtime. That’s what my father used to get….or a pack of M  & M’s.)

I hope the editor is now satisfied.

Till we meet again,







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  1. Music! Soon enough the crew will want a band for live entertainment! Time for ‘Willie and the Poor Boys’ to reunite! Ya still got your drumsticks???

    • Mike: It only takes one bad apple right? It’s like I have to give into every demand at this point or the crew is going to quit. This editor is like driving me to drink. I gotta be real careful how I handle things. Maybe on break I can show them a few chords? Maybe get them concert tickets to see the Boss or something.

      Thanks for writing and I hope all is going well with your planned move…and lets be honest….cracked pepper jack flavored chips?

      Good luck down south!
      Your friend,

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