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Welcome to my Construction Blog! I've created this blog to document the progress on a Hobbit House that I am constructing in New York. I will periodically be posting pictures and anecdotes throughout the process. Enjoy, Jim.


The Work of the Dwarves Continues…..Why is the Sink Backing Up?

Alas friends of Middle Earth the holiday season is upon us. Much to do and little time. So we’re going to keep this short.

Oh yeah. Welcome to the continuing saga of Hobbit Hollow. The journey continues.

So yeah the holidays.

Having a big crowd this year for Turkey day. So when you have a big crowd you have to go the extra mile with the house cleaning. Damn holidays. The grease buildup on our range oven is ridiculous. Went through a whole can of wet wipes trying to get that under control.  I actually broke out into a sweat with all the elbow grease I put into this oven cleaning. Turns out we have a Kitchen Aid oven! I thought we had a GE.  It’s something I really didn’t need to know. It’s all because “special people” are coming over. Like I said. Damn holidays.

I also was forced into switching out the faucet in the downstairs powder room.  It really looked pretty bad. What a pain in the neck that was. What made it so hard was the fact that it was a two door vanity. 30 inch vanity means the two doors are about 14 inches across maximum. So this 200 pound man has to get in there  on his back with a basin wrench. You ever use a basin wrench before? Broke into another sweat trying to get this faucet off with the basin wrench. What an ordeal.

So the sink was kind of backing up anyway so I knew I was going to have to take apart the drain and unclog it. No big deal really. I open up the drain and inside the drain I find one of Georgia’s paint brushes! This thing is like a foot long! How that got in there I’ll never know. It was one of those moments when you’re like. “What the hell????”

So it was good. I shed about five pounds getting ready for Thanksgiving. I probably won’t have to wear my stretchy pants this year. You know the pants with the elastic waistband so you don’t have to undo your belt buckle when you overeat on Thanksgiving. So that’s great.

Give a shout out to whoever invented stretchy pants. Good job.

Get to the blog Jim you’re running out of time.

So I am out of time so I’m just gonna give you the visual.

Dwarves workbench.

Finished under the windows. Working the sides now.

Almost to the top,

It really changes the look of the house doesn’t it?

My excavator guy also was there. He finished off the patio area on the side and secured my walkway path to the roof. Check it out.

Future patio area on the side of the house.

Walkway path secured with stones and dirt as well.

It’s a really nice area there now. Nice barbecue area.

He also got rid of the garage for me.

Blog fan John wants me to build some sort of carriage house there for Gandalf and his horse and buggy.  Take it easy John.  I’m a busy guy but I want to finish this thing before the end of the century.

Worked on the electrical. Set up the exterior boxes for the lanterns that will go on either side of the door. It took a while. Worked on some interior framing and electrical the rest of the weekend. We’re getting there people.

Have a great week and enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving. There’s much to be thankful for.



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