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Welcome to my Construction Blog! I've created this blog to document the progress on a Hobbit House that I am constructing in New York. I will periodically be posting pictures and anecdotes throughout the process. Enjoy, Jim.


Of Walkways and Garden Fences……And a Brother Recognized!

“The hour is late and Gandalf the Grey rides to Isengard seeking my council.”

“For that is why you have come.” ……..Saruman the White.


Yes friends the hour is late and I have much to tell and little time to tell it.

I will do my best. For we all must do the best we can with the time given us.

Tis true.

And thanks for stopping by as well. (Had a problem downloading my pictures so sorry about that.)


Yes, so the the Editor and I headed over to the Pierre Hotel Friday night to honor my brother. Pretty awesome event. What a venue. I have to admit it was pretty cool getting the tux and all. The Editor was stunning.

So I met the Editor over at Grand Central and did a little pregaming there with her. Pregame? Yes, pregame.That’s when you go for a drink before the main event. There wasn’t any room at the bar at Michael Jordan’s so we went to Cipriani. Very nice.

So after that we went to get a cab to get over to the Ritz Carlton on Central Park South. My brother went all out with this and got us a room a the Ritz. Off course we get out to the street and there isn’t a cab to be had. So we get into one of these pedicabs. (A pedicab is basically a bike with a little tow behind cart that you sit in.) Okay the Editor warned me but I had over done it with the pregaming and wasn’t really thinking with a clear head. It says right on the sign $5 per minute. We were only going 17 blocks so how long could it take  right? It took 9 minutes. My hands were shaking when I handed this guy $45 bucks. I think he was expecting a tip as well. That was definitely not going to happen.

So we get to the Ritz Carlton at 5;30 so we can get ready for this event and our room isn’t ready. Can someone please explain to me what’s up with that????? Check in time is 3pm. Our room still wasn’t ready at 6:10. I had to demand another room. Talk about outrageous. I couldn’t believe it. We had to rush getting ready.

We got over that and had a great time though. My brother gave a great speech. Had breakfast at the Ritz the next morning. Nice.

Anyway we got home around noon and later on got inspired by Ethan to do some yard work. Had the boys fix the front walkway path which had been neglected for quite some time. Here they are trying to figure out how the pieces go back in place after they didn’t pay attention taking them out.

This whole episode motivated me to fix the Editor’s garden fence which had also been in a horrible state. So Ethan and I picked up the necessary lumber Sunday morning and we all went out there to get it done so to speak. Not 100% done but got the heavy lifting over with which was great.

Sorry about this post but the computer just drove me to the brink of insanity and I want to go to bed.


See you all next week. Will try and download the pictures and put them in during the week.

Take it easy and I hope you’re enjoying the spring weather.


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